Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk with Tear Away Shirt (2008)

Target Exclusive Hulk Figure
Target Exclusive Hulk Figure

Toyjesus, a regular visitor to this site and one of the people who keeps me in the know about what to be looking for, told me about this exclusive.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about it because you can’t find it anywhere on the net.  The figure itself is practically the same as EVERY figure they released but he has a cloth shirt.  Every figure looks better with a real cloth shirt!  This figure is painted in a lighter shade of green than the other movie figures and the figure glows in the dark!  Glow in the dark stuff always brings me back to my childhood!  The tear away shirt is a real nice touch – but to me it makes him look like a green male stripper – just like all of the movie figures you have to make sure you look at the figure your buying so that you don’t get a dud.  This was the best one on the pegs.  Also, many of the Targets still don’t have this bad boy – I had to travel to Canton for work and was lucky enough to see a Target that had just opened.  I had my hopes up and wasn’t let down when I went into the toy aisle!  Keep your eye out for these!

Close Up of Figure
Close Up of Figure

*Quick note: the pre-order for the SS Hulk vs. Surfer dio goes up in about an hour!

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11 thoughts on “Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk with Tear Away Shirt (2008)

    1. saw that on ebay for about 1000 dollars, or best offer :p should have offered 100 to see if they’d go for it, who knows.

  1. i just got this and a couple other figs off ebay and the jackass folded the tops down! such a pissoff.

    for the ’08 figs i’m not a fan. other then bi-beast, ironclad and maybe abomination.

    i just dont like hulks face, he looks like a rat or something and that’s an animal the hulk should never be compared to.

    the paint job on the grey hulk is a true abomination.

    1. I agree about the paintjob on the Grey Hulk fig – whoever green lit that really dropped the ball. About the ebay issue – I’ve had that happen before – not sure what kind of person sells something and then damages it before sending… makes no sense…

      1. Oh, another thing i’ll big up for the ’03 hulks…The Cases!! Those are some pro cases, easy to pack, which is so important when you live in a condo like me and have way too much Hulk stuff.

      2. I will give you that – the cases were a lot better with the 03 Hulks – these were not my favorite figures, but I did think they were packaged cool

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