Hulk Metamorphs (2008)

Hulk Metamorphs

Hulk Metamorphs

Did he get that haircut at Fantastic Sam's?

Did he get that haircut at Fantastic Sam

What a ridiculous, disgusting and awesome toy this is!  I have questions of course… Like why does Hulk have a brain and eyes and fists in his mouth?  I loved these kind of toys since they first appeared and now they have merged these toys with the greatest character ever!  This rubbery Hulk has a small button on the bottom that, when pressed, has Hulk saying 3 different phrases.  He says “You’re making me angry!  Grrrr!” and “Hulk brains feel funny” as well as “Hulk gets smooshed”.  Then when you squeeze the head a bubble of body parts comes bulging out.  My nephew said “DIG-GUSTING!” when he saw this toy.  Grabbed this beauty at Toys R Us last Friday.  There also is a Spiderman, Wolverine, Venom and Iron Man.



18 responses to “Hulk Metamorphs (2008)

  1. That’s disgusting btw what happened while I was gone?

  2. Maybe its really Ultimate Hulk, that would explain the body parts he ingested.

  3. Have you seen the ink pen version of this one? Just saw it today at a dollar store – the Hulk head sits on top of the pen. When you squeeze the Hulk’s head his brains squeeze through a octagon web that covers the top…defintely in-line with Halloween…

  4. I’ll have to check out the pen…

    I’m not sure what has happened while you were gone HulkMan – depends on how long you were gone really…

  5. 2 weeks I thought i said

  6. Well – a lot of things have happened – just check out the site!

  7. Oh sh*t that is right, Ultimate Hulk did eat people.

  8. I’ve been censored! Did Rupert Murdoch by the web page?

  9. HAHAHAHA! That really made me laugh!

    No, I just try to keep the swearing covered for any of the kids who visit the site. Sorry – but if it’s any consolation I didn’t alter the message of your comment!

  10. Nah, I get it. Doing it for the kids, noble such a cause.

  11. Of course… well have a “swearing section” or “pissed-off” section

  12. we don’t need a swearing section – and everyone should he happy coming to this site!

  13. I know I was just kidding!

  14. we might because of loeb

  15. I am late but where did you buy this?

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