Hulk Sequel…?

A lot of rumors have been flying around – but some news has been confirmed – like, Norton signed on for the sequel.  Not much more but HEY!  The Hulk’s getting a sequel!  I am looking forward to finding out more when it’s announced!  Click on the padre to find out more!

5 responses to “Hulk Sequel…?

  1. I need more info, I crave IT!!!!! Is Hulk going to be the villain in the Avengers film? What is going on, I need to know

  2. Well at least they’ll have some continuity with Norton still in it. Was worried that they’d lose him after all the beef.

  3. Hulk-man strongest there is!!

    It better it better we need to make it so!!!!

  4. funny i never noticed this before. if they end up making the sequel, the should bring in rick jones(for somewhat comic relief). they should also have a plot about banner having a plan to cure the hulk in a global chase with the leader (who would be like leader from ultimate human, only more sadistic, ending up like doc ock in spidey 2) and john ryker (appears sadistic although he only wants whats good for the us army & stopping @ nothing to do so) with gen ross taging along, now more concerned on deciding if banner and betty can be together. (its kindof like the prestige with hulk.) the movie should end in a big climactic battle in the warehouse where the hulk began, where hulk will fight the abomination(with sterns manipulating the whole thing), doc samson will become doc samson, ryker will fight ross, and somewhere in there would be rick jones and maybe some wendigos (like in the wolverine video game) will show up. in the end, sterns will have disappeared, and it appears that banner is captured, where his fate will be decided for the three-quel (if only hollywood could read this).

    does anybody else like this idea?

    go ireland

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