Well, well, well… buy these – or a house

It looks like the biggest collection of Stretches is up for sale.  Not sure why – but I will love to see how much this actually goes for.  The auction keeps stating how RARE each item is and also let’s you know how much he’s been offered for a few of these.  Keep in mind – noneContinue reading “Well, well, well… buy these – or a house”

Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)

I hesitated about getting this Hulk bust.  I stopped myself plenty of times because the pictures just didn’t look pleasing.  Then a great deal came up on ebay so I went for it – and then when I got it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  It looks to me to be based onContinue reading “Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)”