Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)

Attakus Hulk Bust
Attakus Hulk Bust

I hesitated about getting this Hulk bust.  I stopped myself plenty of times because the pictures just didn’t look pleasing.  Then a great deal came up on ebay so I went for it – and then when I got it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  It looks to me to be based on the art of Gary Frank and it’s heavy – real heavy!  But, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of these to go around – there are 8,888.  This one is # 988. 

A run of 8,888 might be a little... big
A run of 8,888 might be a little... big

The other obstacle, other than trying to find a good price on these – a price that you feel like paying – and my price wasn’t very high… is that these were only released over seas – made in France.  Attakus also has a statue made from the design on the 2003 Movie Hulk – but that runs really high for a statue that I think looks rather unimpressive.

Profile - man, he has some little ears!
Profile - man, he has some little ears!

I will say it again, I actually like the look of this bust – once I got it I was happy to have it – as far as where it rates among the busts I own – it is not the least favorite!  It’s actually better than the WWH busts from earlier this year.  The only thing I have to say that may be an unfair bias is that I am not a huge fan of Gary Frank’s version of the Hulk.  Sure, it looked really good – but too good in my opinion.  Hulk isn’t supposed to look like he’s a GQ cover.

Hey you guuuuuuuuuyyyyys!
Hey you guuuuuuuuuyyyyys!

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5 thoughts on “Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)

  1. Hi Ratch
    I took the plunge on the Attakus 2003 Movie Hulk when someone on the statue forum mentioned one was on Ebay France, He arrived today !, I’ve never seen one in person till now and by Grabthar’s hammer !, he is fantastic !, big as a house and so nicely made !. I’ve got this bust and 2 other attakus hulks too and was expecting the same from the big boy !. I was wrong !, much nicer, great shading, heavy as lead and has a real quality feel about him !, my mum collects LLadro and Neo Porcelain and he’s honestly better than those !. I haven’t seen too many photo’s where you can appreciate the Hulky goodness !. Besides all that I can know say i’ve got a Hulk that eludes Ratchett !.
    Do I win a prize ?.

  2. LOL – Hmmm… a prize? I think you got your prize…

    But really, congrats! I have not had the desire to get the Attakus FS Hulk – but if I ever get the chance at the right price I am sure I would snag it up. Glad you like it so much – and yes, you have a piece I do not have!

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