Hulk Activity Book (2008)

Finally, The Activity Book!

Finally, The Activity Book!

Here’s that damn Activity Book I promised.  I kept on telling you that I was going to post it and then just didn’t – but here it is!  On double-shot Friday!  I also thought that we could make a little game out of it.  The below picture has a phrase.  You have to come up with a word out of that phrase – now to make it fair you can only post one word at a time and you have to let someone else post in between you.  ALSO: EACH WORD MUST BE 4 LETTERS LONG – NONE OF THIS 3 LETTER CRAP!  If you break these rules then I will delete your post!  That’s right!  I’m bad!  Don’t mess with me!  I’ll start!

Release The Rage!  How many words do you see?

Release The Rage! How many words do you see?

38 responses to “Hulk Activity Book (2008)

  1. Since GREAT is already said then…



  3. LEASE

  4. algae.

    algae = green
    hulk = green

    seems fitting.

  5. Nice one!


  6. Arse.

    What? I’m Australian.

  7. Hulk-Man(always on)

    I have this and I’m almost done…


    (it was just halloween)

  9. EAGER

  10. Hulk Man – I had to delete your post because you put more than one word at a time. Read the rules buddy.


  11. Hulk-Man(always on)


  12. “Treat”? Where is the other T from? And HulkMan – again – you didn’t read the rules – You have to allow others to post in between you…


  13. SHARE

  14. LEASH

  15. Just when I thought the game was over!…


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