Grey Hulk Transformer (2008)

Grey Hulk Transformer

Grey Hulk Transformer

This variant has made it onto the shelves for the past month.  They are still pretty expensive so I’m not picking up a double to open up but I do like these colors rather than the green.  Why?  I have no idea.  While the green Hulk is more prevalent I like when the grey Hulk peers his ugly head (only when it makes sense in the story) but the grey Hulk is more fun!  And let’s face it – grey Hulk toys are harder to come by! 

Back of Package

Back of Package

The only thing is – very few sculpts on toys fit the two styles of the different Hulks.  The green is more muscular and human looking while the grey Hulk looks more like an animal.  Very few toys can support the 2 colors and look as good as they do – the new Marvel Legends Savage Gray and Classic Green Hulk are one of the rare figures that pass with flying colors.  The Transformers do as well – mainly because they start as tanks 🙂  Vehicle to Hero!  Well, that’s great as long as they don’t get stuck in traffic on the way to helping you.  I also appreciate the fact that they did a whole new backing card for this figure.  It’s the little things that make my day better.

Grey and Green Hulk Transformers

Grey and Green Hulk Transformers

3 responses to “Grey Hulk Transformer (2008)

  1. I have not picked up the grey version, but I like that grey Hulk icon on the package! 🙂

  2. Yeah – it looks good – I think it’s an image from the 2003 movie stuff – just colored grey. Either way though, looks good!

  3. yeah I thought that too… you know they should have like the peter david hulk issue where it’s : for the Icon

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