The Dynabol “Mean Green” kit

Dynabol Hulk Kit

Dynabol Hulk Kit

Double shot Friday!  Hoo-Hah!  I am pleased to say, after I fell in love with this sculpt I was informed that there is just one left – and that I could buy it for a reduced price!  Matt Brundage, a sculptor that frequents the Statue Forum, is the artist who created this.  I showed this kit already (in JG’s collection pics) and now this is mine!  And I love it!  I already sent this little guy out to a painter, named Jen, who lives in Texas.  I asked her to paint it up into a grey Hulk statue rather than the green you saw here:


But man, oh man, that green looks really good.  I have absolute faith I picked the right painter for this kit – I’ve seen her other work and it’s amazing!  I also had a good feeling because Jen is my sister’s name.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product – but for now you’ll have to do with the pieces of a great, unique Hulk sculpt.  I will post this when I get it back – can’t wait!

Man, it looks comfortable in there...

Man, it looks comfortable in there...

11 responses to “The Dynabol “Mean Green” kit

  1. awesome to see you got one … can’t wait to see Jen do her magic!

  2. She has done some amazing pieces before – and she’s seems really personable – so I’m psyched!

  3. How can we get in contact with Jen? Where can I see her work? How much does she charges?

  4. Do you have pieces that need to be painted up?

  5. Yes. I recently purchased a Japan Tsukuda Ghostbuster Kit from 1984 that needs to be painted by a professional. I’m also a Hulk fan. I have been wanting to send you pics of my Hulk plush-stuffed-doll collection. Its crazy!!! By the way, I always come here to see your blog. Thanks for doing all of this. I really enjoy it a lot.

  6. Jen’s a gem … a talented artist and a great person … got to meet her in Chicago this year.

    I can’t wait to see how this grey version comes out!

    Alex – let’s see the plush collection!!

  7. I agree – let’s see it! I emailed Jen about your kit Alex. I will let you know when I hear from her…

  8. Did you get my email Alex?

  9. I’m looking forward to seeing this done . DRAWING ON THE WAY……

  10. Wow! Really? First off – thanks for visiting the site – secondly, the kit WAS done – but it was busted when I got it in the mail – so I had to send it back out to be fixed, should be back soon! Lastly, thanks you for the commission! I cannot wait to see it! The first piece you showed me was so great can’t wait to see what you came up with! You are one talented guy!

  11. You should be recieving both the illustrations and some extra goodies by monday or sooner.

    Great collection you got there

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