Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)

Grey Hulk Maquette
Grey Hulk Maquette
Close up of this bad boy!
Close up of this bad boy!

I would love to have every variation of every Hulk statue there is out there – in fact, there isn’t too many I don’t have – but when I saw this re-paint I just had to get it!  I was impressed with how nicely this sculpt lent itself to the grey Hulk.  I’m extremely pleased with this paint job.  Bought in Reading at Comically Speaking, the owner is a nice guy who owns a ONE OF A KIND Hulk statue that I will show you next.


I have a regular version of this statue – and since there is only 3000 of these maquettes made – that makes it 2999 green versions and 1 grey version!  Factoring in how many have been damaged or abandoned it’s estimated, by me, that there is actually only 2996 or 2997 left!

What up playa?  Kickin it old school!
What up playa? Kickin it old school!

This is # 1476 – so count that one out now! I really like how the painter highlighted the veins on this Maquette with a light purple color.  With the new Marvel Select figure out I’m not sure if the Maquette’s worth will hold up over time.  There was a time that the Maquette was selling for around $200 on ebay – the latest has been hovering just over $120.  Funny enough – one just sold for $62.00 – but it didn’t come with the box.  People are so finicky about that.  They want the box with the statue!  It’s weird, you’d think it’d be all about the statue – but they want the whole package!  Anyways, I’m very happy with this piece – I hope you like looking at it as much as I like having it!

Yowza! Like it? Love it? You know you want it!
Yowza! Like it? Love it? You know you want it!

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7 thoughts on “Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)

  1. I really like this repaint! The painter did an excellent job with this piece.

    These were very easy to get a low prices for quite a while. I think I scored mine for around $60 MIB. They spiked up to their high point when the movie came out due to the similarity of the movie version of the Hulk’s physique. These will settle down to under $100 again IMHO.

    Nice addition to the collection ratchet!

  2. I was given my green one for a present. I really like this sculpt – it really rocks!
    But the grey really does look good – thanks for the compliment!

  3. I didn’t see the Red repaint… but I’m almost glad. Nothing against the fans of RULK – but I hope that character goes away quickly.

  4. I love how the grey looks. I don’t look for Grey Hulks and don’t plan on collecting any but if i had the chance to get one like that i would. Very nice!

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