Comically Speaking’s Grey Bruiser!

Custom made Gry Hulk Statue
Custom made Gry Hulk Statue

I think the statue is far better than any of these pictures show!  This is not in my collection – the owner did not want to sell it, but I still had to show it!  I emailed the owner about the details – he hasn’t gotten back to me though so I will tell you what I know…

Back of the Statue
Back of the Statue

This sucker is one of a kind, weighs about 50 pounds and is a whopping 16/17 inches!  Grey Hulk here was commisioned from a sculptor who had to work with an image about 3 inches big.  Is he wearing riding gloves?  Only real tough guys wear those!  They completely clash with the Daisy Dukes he’s wearing though… The proportions may be off a bit – the skinny waist, the legs are too short, not muscular enough – but to me I think it adds to the uniqueness of the piece. 

Profile - Back off Bubba!
Profile - Back off Bubba!

The Hulk always has been handled differently by artists.  I think the whole statue works – the boots, the gloves, the excess of the pants collected around his ankles – all of it gives this statue a great presence.  The details in the statue are great – from the bulding veins to the ripped shirt.  It reminds me a lot of the cover to The Incredible Hulk #23 (volume 3):


But thank goodness he didn’t include the little pups.  And – maybe it’s just me – but you got to make the pant legs longer!  Hulk would never wear shorts that show off his cheeks…  I would’ve also liked to see a base.  I’m big on statues having a base.  I would’ve liked to see maybe a street rubble base.  Grey Hulk statues always need to have a different feel to them than a green Hulk does.  This Hulk definitely screams Grey Hulk.  Screams Fixit!  Thanks to the owner of Comically Speaking for allowing me to show you this unique and amazing Hulk piece!

Close Up of Grey Hulk.
Close Up of Grey Hulk.

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9 thoughts on “Comically Speaking’s Grey Bruiser!

  1. Very interesting take on the grey hulk. One recurring issue with the hulk is that people typically give him overly short legs. Or more accurately, they make his arms too long, thus making the legs look short. Still, exaggeration can add, as long as it’s done well and intentionally, rather than by accident.

  2. very cool and unique piece! I think this is supposed to be mine …

    … a SF member emailed me about a one of a kind grey Hulk statue at their LCS and had asked if it was for sale. The owner said yes so the SF member PMed me to gauge my interest. I said I was interested and would like a picture. He went to get the picture and the LCS owner decided not to sell. I never did get a picture but this seems too odd to be a coincidence as this just took place over the last couple months. I have since deleted the PMs and cannot remember the member so it may have to be a mystery.

    To rectify this situation, the only recourse is to send this to me forthwith.

    j/k … congrats on a great piece~!

  3. Sorry – It’s not clear in the post – The owner decided still that this was not for sale. It’s his – not in my collection…

    I titled it “Comically Speaking’s…” but I didn’t make it clear enough – I will fix this

  4. hey guys this is patrick the owner of this wonderful hulk.
    this piece was commissioned to a friend his name is jessie it took him 6 month to do off and on.
    it came from a pic out of the hulk comic it is almost identicle to the pic.
    hope this info helps

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