Hulk Bumper Sticker (1966)

1966 Hulk Bumper Sticker
1966 Hulk Bumper Sticker

Vintage Thursday!  What a fun age to be a Hulk fan.  Not only did he become one of the biggest superheroes ever – so we have plenty of merchandise to buy now – but we also have the pleasure of trying to collect the older items.  Like this one here.  The Hulk bumper sticker.  “Don’t Honk – You’ll Disturb The Incredible Hulk”  with an image of the Hulk taken directly off of TTA #77.  I love that cover it’s taken off.  Rick Jones is telling the Army that Bruce is the Hulk.  Or Vice Versa.  But how great is the sticker?  I mean imagine driving behind someone with this sticker on their car?  Even if the person was driving like a 4 foot woman I still wouldn’t honk!  Just in case I really would disturb the Hulk.

This image is on the cover of Tales To Astonish #77
This image is on the cover of Tales To Astonish #77

* EDITOR’S NOTE *: This blogger does not take resposibility for any sexist comments made by the blogger against Women or 4 Foot People.

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