Jeff Wamester Sketch (2008)

Jeff Wamester Sketch
Jeff Wamester Sketch

At the October Boston Comic Con my only real goal was to get some sketches from the artists there.  Original art is the rarest collectible – a lot of it is one of a kind.  If you love the Hulk then it’s time to get into the art of the Hulk.  As much as you try to avoid it – as soon as you get one piece you start thirsting for more…

This is the first piece I got by an artist named Jeff Wamester – go here for his website – who was more than happy to sketch this Hulk for me.  I friggin’ love the sketch too!  It reminds me of the more monster that Lee wanted to come out when the Hulk was first created.  I contacted him again through email and asked for a full commision.  I will be posting it as soon as it gets here.  If you like what you see contact him through email to get your own Hulk art from him.  Above you will see a new page called ART.  This is where I will be posting all of the original art that I have been collecting for the past month.

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4 thoughts on “Jeff Wamester Sketch (2008)

  1. nice score ratchet … you are going to a new level of collecting with the step into art … say goodbye to any spare money you may have once had

  2. Can’t wait to see what the full commission looks like. I asked him to put one of Hulk’s villians in it – I don’t like to say too much about a commission – I like to see what the artist comes up with on his own…

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