Marvel Legends Silver Savage (2008)

Marvel Legends Silver Savage
Marvel Legends Silver Savage

Another double shot Friday?  What did you guys do to deserve all this attention?  Maybe the fact that I have a crazy amount of Hulk stuff to show off piling up.  I have had this for almost 2-months – maybe more – and have had other items to show.  Besides, this really isn’t a Hulk item, is it?  That’s why you are getting these two AWESOME posts today.

The Silver Savage comes from the Planet Hulk storyline.  The Surfer was captured and fitted with an obedience disc.  Then, when Green Scar started beating all of the other warriors – they brought out their big gun.  The Surfer!  Who, unfortunately was not a match for a very pissed off, banished Hulk.  The figure is the perfect companion to the King Hulk released in the ML Hulk line.  This figure is part of the Target Exclusive Red Hulk BAF, and before you ask – no, I am not getting the whole Red Hulk.  Just this figure from this line.  Not really interested in getting that figure.  Especially if I have to pay $60.00 for this figure.

Close Up of Silver Savage
Close Up of Silver Savage

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6 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Silver Savage (2008)

  1. Absolutely! A few times – starting with TTA #93.

    He also appears in TIH #250. Check them out – pretty good reads! My favorite is TTA #93

  2. The surfer was like one of the few superheroes capable of taking on the hulk and winning. He can make himself stronger as well, and he doesn’t have to get angry to do that either.

  3. also check this issue out:

    one thing that ive always done is try to get all the issues featuring Hulk, it’s maddening but it lets me sleep at night.

  4. Silver Surfer #125? Oh yes- I have that! Very hard to come by! Great wrap around cover too! I’ll post it soon!

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