Cesar Feliciano Sketch (2008)

Cesar Feliciano Sketch
Cesar Feliciano Sketch

Happy Monday!  I left you on Friday with a Hulk sketch – I will begin this week with a Hulk sketch from the very talented Cesar Feliciano.  Mainly because the ART page is looking quite lonely with just the Wamester sketch on there.  This great artist has penciled and inked his way through countless comics for DC and One Shot Press.  His commission is very clean and features the Hulk in a classic pose of his arms raised over his head.  His Hulk art remeinds me of Gary Frank’s back in the day.  I was having a hard time deciding who to get sketches from at the Boston Con – but Cesar won me over with his illustration of Power Girl.  I knew he could really capture the intense power the Hulk usually displays.  He was such a nice guy to talk to as well as a great artist.

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