Hulk Cup (1977)

Hulk Cup
Hulk Cup

Vintage!  Vintage Thursday!  You have to sing that first part… I received this Hulk cup in what I lovingly refer to as the Hulk care package.  A SF member – dynabol – the same man who sold me the Hulk kit packed the box with a generous amount of Hulk memorabilia.  This is one of the pieces I was very happy to get.  A 1977 Hulk plastic cup – each side of this cup has something different.  The front has a classic image of the Hulk.  Buscema has the honor of being one of the artists who are considered the ultimate Hulk artists.  That happens when you stick with the creative team for YEARS. Trimpe did it, Buscema did it, now, Keown and McFarlane wasn’t with the book very long in comparison but when they both did such memorable versions of the Hulk as soon as you see them you know it’s them.  I’m rambling…

Hulk Biography
Hulk Biography

I love the little bio they slip on the side here – it would’ve been better to see Banner’s face transforming into the Hulk’s – but whatever – when is someone going to contact me to create the layouts for Incredible Hulk cups!  The new cups – not the old cups – because the old cups layouts are already designed.  Anyways, does the Hulk feel comfortable with the whole world knowing he’s a thousand pounds?  If I weighed a THOUSAND pounds I wouldn’t want it written on the side of a cup, that’s for sure!

Hulk Logo on the back of cup
Hulk Logo on the back of cup

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4 thoughts on “Hulk Cup (1977)

  1. This is hilarious, I’ve the same cup, have had it since I was a kid and just found a matching bowl in decent condition whilst clearing out our house., it’s great to find it on the inter-net.

  2. Hello,
    I have a Hulk cup from the same set, it is a small juice cup, however. Same graphics – picture of the Holk – same writing. I have some other vintage Hulk items from the 1970’s and 19080 that I’m trying to get rid of, if anybody is intersted!


  3. Hey quick question. The 1977 mug you have here has almost exactly the same Buscema pic as a white porcelain mug i used to have and would love to buy again. The difference seems to be that the porcelain mug didn’t have blue brickwork and the bio written down one side. Instead i seem to remember hulk pictured from behind on the other side of the mug.

    I had a quick scan through your other pics but couldn’t find it. Do you know what I’m talking about or am i just rambling like a mad-man??


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