Marvel Origins Hulk Statue (2007)

Marvel Origins Hulk Statue

Marvel Origins Hulk Statue

Hulk - Lookin all sexy!

Hulk - Lookin all sexy!

Well, as you can tell, Statue won.  I can’t believe it either – art is one of a kind stuff!  You won’t see it anywhere else!  Yet, a very slim margin wanted to see another statue – so here it is…

I’ll be honest here – the statue, it’s small – and not the best Hulk item you can pick up.  It’s bigger than a lot of the statues in this line – and the Hulk himself actually looks pretty interesting.  He keeps the square shape of his head – the original pose of the Hulk from the very first issue.  But it doesn’t just recreate the cover – it combines the Hulk from the cover and the shot of Bruce Banner when the Gamma-Bomb went off.

Bruce - Igor didn't halt the countdown!

Bruce - Igor didn't halt the countdown!

Why are you wearing purple pants Bruce?

Why are you wearing purple pants Bruce?

The base of this statue is a bit heavy – and actually a nice heft for the size.  I enjoy seeing different sculptor’s interpretations of the Hulk.  You might be able to find this for cheap on ebay.  I bought it at the same time I purchased the Hulk Maquette re-paint and the Malcuso kit.  Since I was buying so much then the owner gave me a great deal.

The Base

The Base

The run on these statues are 2500 – and this one is # 389.  If you can get this for cheap I’d do it.  For cheap…

7 responses to “Marvel Origins Hulk Statue (2007)

  1. Hulk-man strongest there is!!

    For some strange reason hulk reminds me of Jude Law…..

  2. Y’know – I can kind of see it…

  3. I’d like to change my vote to art.

  4. Hulk-man strongest there is!!

    When grey Hulk looks like Jude Law something is wrong….

  5. Listen, you get what you aske for!

    And yes, I agree – He shouldn’t look so – Jude Law-ish

  6. Hulk-Man(always on)

    “aske”ing for a hulk jude law it’s cool I think it lets you know how jude law, would look as the hulk….

  7. THAT WAS A TYPO! – Actually, looking at the keyboard, I have no idea how that happened…

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