Roger Andrews Sketch (2008)

Roger Andrews Sketch
Roger Andrews Sketch

Here is the last sketch from the Boston Comic Con.  I really like this one.  I like seeing artists own interpretation – even if they are a little different.  Not to mention that Roger is a neighbor.  He lives a short 30 minute ride form me!  He’s been busy drawing the Hulk quite frequently these days – after all he does all of the art for the Super Hero Squad figure line. 


And since they released so many new Hulk figures he had plenty of practice drawing him.  Here’s a quick look at a bunch of different characters that he’s done.  I know some have voiced their distaste for the SHS line – but I love ’em!  I’m hoping to get more art done by him!  Here’s his website: if you feel like seeing more.

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7 thoughts on “Roger Andrews Sketch (2008)

  1. He does do commissions – I actually just emailed him about doing something else. I am waiting to hear from him…

    I will let you know.

  2. Alright, here is what I know…
    This sketch costs me $25. I’m pretty happy with that. I contacted his art rep about the commission and he quoted me $250.00 for a Hulk vs. piece. That is a bit too much for me. That’s asking a crazy amount for a pen and ink commission…

  3. I picked a commission from him at the Boston Comic Con this past weekend and it was $100 for a pen and ink – pretty sweet one too! It’s featured in my header! To be posted soon! Totally worth it!

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