Incredible Hulk 10″ (2008)

Hulk 10 Inch
Hulk 10 Inch

Thanksgiving is coming up Thursday.  I have decided to stuff you guys full of great Hulk stuff the first half of the week since I will probably not be posting ANYTHING Thursday or Friday… sorry but I am going to be gambling Friday and either I will lose my wad or be swimming in money.  Either way I don’t think I will have time to post. 

Close up of that pretty little mug...
Close up of that pretty little mug...

Anyways, here is the larger Hulk figure from the movie line.  It’s a WalMart exclusive – although, if you can believe it, my WalMart is still bare of these.  A good friend of mine had the generosity to send me one when he learned of my trouble locating one.  While it’s definitely the best movie figure it still doesn’t come close to the 2003 13″ figures.  I don’t think many Hulk figures will.  The other thing about this figure is that it has strange articulation points.  It has no articulation in the wrists or feet or waist (?)  – but in the abs, neck, knees, elbows and strangely enough – the upper thighs.  Which makes for some really strange poses.  Kind of strange. 

Back of Package
Back of Package

One thing there is no complaints with is the sculpt.  What a great job was done with this!  Even the paint application was done really well with these- which, as most of you know, has been the weak point for this line.  The information I’ve been given is that you should keep an eye out for scratches.  See, the packaging for these items are not in a plastic covering or anything – and they are shipped on top of each other (kind of in a “69” position) and in transit must scrape against each other.  So just have a keen eye when picking one out!  I have no real complaints about the packaging but I would have rather a full window box reminiscent of the classic Mego toys.

How he sizes up to the competition
How he sizes up to the competition

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2 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk 10″ (2008)

  1. Its a great figure. They showed up for me the night the dvd was released, needless to say I left Walmart very ecstatic. But yeah, the articulation is a little different……

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