Hulk Calendar (1979)

1979 Hulk Calendar

1979 Hulk Calendar

This is a calendar from 1979 – the art in this thing is freakin’ awesome!  By the way, sorry this is being posted so late – I had a busy, busy day.  The holidays always throw a wrench into the works.  But I am so sure you guys will love this post I’m not even stressing about it!  Check out the art in this!

Classic Kirby

Classic Kirby

Hulk vs. The Surfer - Pak put to rest who the strongest one is in Planet Hulk

Hulk vs. The Surfer - Pak put to rest who the strongest one is in Planet Hulk

One of my favorite images is this one here of Hulk’s favorite nemisis’  Abomination and the Leader are in there – but Doctor Doom, Juggernaught, Mole Man, Bi-Beast, The Gremlin, The Rhino, Absorbing Man, AQON!  Can anyone name every villian in this photo?  I will give someone a real, genuine No-Prize if they can do it!  And I don’t mean give them names – I name the characters names from the original comic.  I will even give up my Hulk crown if you can name each comic that they all appeared in – without looking it up!

Here is my favorite image from the calendar!

Here is my favorite image from the calendar!

The calendars nowadays don’t seem to have the same charm as this does.  The images you get are not nearly as impressive – or as big!  Check this out of you ever get the chance because I didn’t even show you all the images – just my favorite! 

Back Cover - With Banner and more foes!

Back Cover - With Banner and more foes!

12 responses to “Hulk Calendar (1979)

  1. So far, for villians named, we have:

    Captain Omen
    Doctor Doom
    Cobalt Man
    Mole Man
    Tiger Shark
    The Stranger
    Missing Link
    Absorbing Man

    That’s it so far…

  2. Actually, sorry buddy, but no, you didn’t help. Green Goblin isn’t in the pic, you spelt Psyklops wrong AND I already said Gremlin in the post above – but plenty of the people at hulkspace did help!

    Hulk #465
    and JoeFixit2!

    Thanks guys!

  3. Well I knew his name…. and you didn’t and look next to abomination green goblin is right there

  4. nice calendar … had this once upon a time … need to reacquire

  5. That is NOT the Green Goblin you goof – the biggest clue would be that the Hulk never fought the Green Goblin…

  6. Man that calender is brilliant …. You should put images up they are awesome! The late 70’s truly belonged to the Hulk!

  7. Actually, the Green Goblin encountered the Hulk in his (GG’s) first appearance in Amazing Spider-man #14. But they didn’t actually fight – the Hulk was preoccupied with Spider-man and the Green Goblin got away without having to battle the Hulk.

  8. I did know that – but again, they never fought – and I had to go through the entire calendar but I did find out that villians name.

    He is “The Shaper”

    And, yes he does look a little like the Green Goblin – but alas, it is not.

  9. I know this is a dumb question but, do you have all of the Hulk calendars? I’m asking because I don’t know if I have all of them? I have 1979, 04, 05, 06 and 09 only. Can you list all the years that the Hulk calendars were made, thanks.

  10. I have no idea how many calendars are out there – I only have this one – because this is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

  11. Here are some of villians you are missing fellow “Hulkamanics”:
    Located above Cobolt Man ,and upper left of The Leader is Darkcrawler {originally called “Nightcrawler”,
    I am sure you can figure why they changed his name,lol}.From Incredible Hulk #126

    Located nearest to Hulk’s open hand is The Sandman[Yeah ,the Spidey villian],1st meet Hulk in :Incredible Hulk #113

    Zzzax, Located uppermost left ,seen in Incredible Hulk#166,183.

    Capt. Omen[ish 164],Draxon[I think]{the Prof X lookin’ dude} from ish #133,or it may be Visus #148.Problem is everyone in this pic is blue,not thier true colors,but if the ears are pointed it’s Visus.My money is on Capt.Omen.

    The Locust {ish 194}.Located above the Stranger.

    Hammer,Anvil and the alien who gave them thier power.Located right above Mole Man.[ish 182]
    The Alien is the big headed one,I don’t know why he is there ,I remember him dying before he could meet the Hulk.

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