Progress Pics! Phase 1

Hulk Paint-Up Pic 1

Hulk Paint-Up Pic 1

Another item I posted – just a little while ago – is on it’s way to being finished.  It’s the Mean Green kit from dynabol.  Jen, my painter, is doing a fantastic job of bringing this kit to life!  The top pic is just a work in progress and far from finished – but looks fantastic so far!  I can’t wait till it’s done!


11 responses to “Progress Pics! Phase 1

  1. nice work – Jen is doing a great job. Can’t wait to see this one completed!

  2. I’m really happy you went with that colour.

  3. Yeah – it’s going to completely ROCK!

  4. Hulk-man strongest there is!!

    there are no marks to where the pieces go….

  5. That’s because Jen is a professional and knows what she’s doing!

  6. Hulk-Man – you’ll notice your comment is gone – that is because it was unnecessarily mean – not to me – but to the people who worked hard to making this statue for me. You might not like it – and that’s fine – but remember that these pieces are created by artists. People who do this for a living and work hard. Think about that before you post something. This is not a public forum – this is MY site that I allow people to comment on – and they can even reply with an opposing view – as long as they are respectful about it.

  7. Hulk-Man(always on)

    I was being respectful all I was saying was the bottom lip is sagging which is something you never see on hulk. So it’s… Different.

  8. You weren’t being respectful – which is why I deleted the comment. Maybe you don’t realize how rude the comment sounded – but it was.

  9. I’m curious, how did she fill the splits where the pieces did connect? Clay? Plaster? I’m new to kit construction and I am amazed at how smooth the figure looks.

  10. I’m not sure – but I can ask her – I’ll let you know.

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