Hulk #8 (2008) – The Review

Hulk #8

Hulk #8

Happy Monday!  I am excited that it’s December – and I wish I was going to start the month off with a bang – but instead I thought I should review the latest Hulk comic that I wasn’t able to get until Saturday.  It’s official – Loeb is writing this book with gimmicks only to sell it!  Now I have proof to back that up – do you want to know what it is?  Okay then, here it is… the fact that “Mr. Fixit” not only did nothing for the story but ALSO didn’t even last this whole issue!  He just turns back into the green Hulk out of nowhere – back to the green Hulk when it was convenient!

So here it is… The story picks up right where the last one left off.  With Fixit being confronted by Sentry and Ms. Marvel.  Fixit tosses Moon Knight into the air – Sentry goes after him and Ms. Marvel stays behind to beat up the Hulk – which she does.  By the time you turn the page it looks as though the Green Hulk is back – and no, Loeb gives no explanation as to why – but after Moon Knight dispenses pleasantries with the Sentry or… burns his face with stars… he returns back to the scene where the Green Hulk is beating Ms. Marvel.  Look, I know the Grey Hulk was never as strong as the green – but he wasn’t chopped liver like Loeb makes him out to be!  Moon Knight slips a Hypersonic into Green Hulk’s ear to take him down – Sentry comes along and knocks Hulk into a tower and almost knocks the whole thing down.  Of course, Hulk gets partial blame for knocking the tower down when all he really did was get hit into it.  Sentry and Hulk are about to battle when Ms. Marvel asks them to help saving all the innocent people.  Then, Moon Knight calls their attention to the fact that the Wendigo hybrids are still destroying and eating the people of Las Vegas.  Take a look in that last splash page and see if you can find the shot of one of the Wendigos who have ripped off some poor guys arm.

Then we join She Hulk and the Lady Liberators who are fighting Red.  By the way, when Loeb tries to rename the Grey Hulk – or Fixit – Fulk or Grulk, well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I lost my hair already because I would’ve wanted to tear it out at that moment.  Hey Loeb!  The Hulk is the Hulk!  No one needs to rename the Hulk – like they do your stupid creation the Red Hulk – so get off it!  Sorry, I had to get that out. 

Anyways, the ladies are not fairing well – but Valkyrie saves She Hulk while Thundra shoots the Hulk in the face.  Which would’ve been cool except that she shoots paste at Red.  That’s what he says.  Paste.  Then she shoots him again.  She Hulk is saved from falling by Pegasus.  Is it just me – but She Hulk has handled landing a fall that big before.  She Hulk then jumps off Pegasus and lands on the Red with a “She Hulk Smash!” and knocks Lincoln’s face off Mount Rushmore.  She continues to choke the Red Hulk as Valkyrie stabs him right through the chest.  That doesn’t even stop Red as he gets up once again and threatens the ladies again – but he is interrupted by the arrival of The Invisible Girl, Spiderwoman, Storm, Black Widow, Tigra and Hell Cat.

Hulk #8 Variant

Hulk #8 Variant

Now, the book is still split in half.  That sucks.  Grey Hulk and Green Hulk change between characters without any reason.  That sucks too.  They Hulk gets his butt handed to him in his own comic.  Nothing seems to even phase Red – and the fact that he’s still around – REALLY sucks.  The only thing that doesn’t suck is the great art work – but it’s not enough to save the book.  Comic gets another F.


24 responses to “Hulk #8 (2008) – The Review

  1. Why the heck haven’t they taken Loeb off of the book already. He used to be one of my favorite writers but this changed my mind.

  2. Oh my god.I new this would happen ever since issue 3 with savage hulk.This is just horrible.Characters are being poorly treated ,the unexplained green-grey transition.Hulk having a red wannabe running around the country shooting people{e.g emil].Loeb has now oficialy destroyed hulk.Good lord…..

  3. This is why Loeb was fired from Heroes. Ratchet are you going to pick up “Hulk Family”?

  4. If it has the name Hulk on it then there is a really good chance I will be picking it up. There has been a few exceptions…

  5. Could one of those “exceptions” be this title! I know considering you own every issue of the Hulk you have no choice but to continue to purchase this crap month after month. It’s like you’re goin’ down fast in ‘hold em and you’re pot committed. Oh well, I’ll continue to read your reviews each month and if it gets any better I may start to pick it up again…now let’s check out what’s happening in Iron Man…

  6. they realize how much it sucks now cause they took “Hulk” off the online comics section for the new ones

  7. Yikes, your really tough on this comic (which explains why you won’t be buying Rulk fig). I don’t blame you though, I’m just a little more merciful. Good review and looking foward to more.

  8. Funny enough – I just got the Rulk fig. It’s a funny story that I will post – maybe on Friday 🙂

  9. I remember when this series was announced Marvel said that the Loeb/McGuiness run originally was going to be a limited series. Inexplicably Greg Pak was off the book, and co-writing Hercules, and now Skaar. He has maintained since the end of WWH that this would all make sense some how. I wonder if the Loeb series has been a disastrous place holder until the big Hulk/Skaar meeting coming next year as well as the #600 gimmick, and if that will bring the return of Pak to the book. One can only hope.

  10. Good lord…..Hulk has gotten from worse to horrible.Character a being poorly treated.Hulk has a clone running around the country shootin people. One can only hope pak comes back to write the issue when hulk and skaar meeet and it wont be a gimmick to sell more copies.

  11. the Cho cover was good. thats the only nice thing i can think to say.

  12. I can’t wait for Friday to hear this story about the Rulk fig,lol. Check out my pic of Rulk fig on the 2nd pg of holiday Hulk shopping on By the way please let me know what you think about the Rulk fig(your the man).

  13. Thing is – The first 6 issues were supposed to be a story arc? We didn’t find out who the Rulk was – which would’ve been fine – except that they didn’t explain why he killed Abomination – with a gun no less – how Rick is now A-Bomb, or anything else!

  14. Wow. Man, I’m not even going to bother illegally downloading this thing. That’s how little I think of Loeb and this book. Ain’t worth the bandwidth. I’d love to know Peter David’s honest opinion of it. That’d likely be a riot.

  15. #9 has five different covers. Three of which are The Hulk’s in Santa hats and beards.

  16. Oh and theirs a 3rd cover variant for #8. It came out the week after these two.

  17. The variant covers are ridiculous – and how Marvel is padding the sales of this series. 5 different covers? That makes me a little ill…

  18. Just as long as they don’t raise the price’s to $3.99 I’m okay with it. Plus I don’t buy them all.

    • That’s the key. Buy one issue. But too many people are buying all of them and padding the sales – funny enough – you say “Just as long as they don’t raise the price’s to $3.99 ” but I remember buying comics when they were 75 cents!

  19. I hate the whole storyline as it is right now, but I don’t hate the idea of the Red Hulk, I think these comics should have focused more on his character developement of the Red Hulk, and and upon Rick Jones accepting his A-Bomb persona instead of rejecting or hating it (like Bruce with the Savage Hulk, but not the Gray Hulk since they actually reach an understanding.)

    The only decent line of dialogue from the Red Hulk was in issue #6 where he says “That will always be your downfall. You will NEVER understand what it takes to be in battle.” It kinda points towards Glenn Talbot being the Red Hulk (trying real hard to not say Rulk here… shit) since it was never indicated that he was killed by the volcano or whatever after he supposedly died.

  20. I came back to Hulk after many years (1979 was the last time I visited) and discovered ‘Planet Hulk’, a great read, and then anticipated Red Hulk only to be seriously disappointed. Speaking as an old fogey, the art is better now (or at least has higher production values), but the dialogue is not only rubbish, but so short that you can read the whole comic in a couple of minutes. What’s the point? Since WWH every issue has just been a big fight with scarcely any plot. Bring back some narration, and a real story, and it might work…

  21. peter david, please come back! so many things left undone… the hulk switches, why the smart green scar hulk persona is now gone, or dormant, where is the merged hulk, why won’t they just finally reveal talbot as red and get it over with….? jeph loeb was never a good choice for hulk. i didn’t even like hulk: gray. it was waaayyy off base, and showed how little he understood the character. (the gray hulk dumb?, oyyyy.) anyway, bring back back peter david, if only to explain where the merged hulk is, and do a little tempest fugit to this crap that loeb has put out.

  22. Is it possable that the Hulk is evolving? Early versions through to the next incarnation? Explains the multipul Hulks.

  23. Is it possible? Well, anything is possible – but that’s not a good explaination to me. He’s only started switching personalities like this when bad writers take over.

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