The New Gimmick – Heading Our Way!

Defenders vs Offenders

Defenders vs Offenders

After the terrible Fixit cameo in the last story we have a new gimmicky storyline to look forward to in Hulk #10.  Here we see the Defenders against the “Offenders”  Wow, Offenders, huh?  That sounds… like a terrible name!  What’s their tagline “Prepare to be… offended!”  Yeah, well, already there pal.

15 responses to “The New Gimmick – Heading Our Way!

  1. Jeph Loeb may not be able to write the Hulk correctly but those are two nice covers.

  2. That’s the thing that’s killing me – the Hulk is beautiful to look at, but horrible to read!

  3. Your post is very true rachet.

  4. LOVE those covers!!! Terrax and Surfer are classic!!! Unfortunately, the whole “Offenders” thing has really left a bad taste in my mouth…..

  5. Hulk-Man(always on)

    Who is the stone guy at the bottom?

  6. That’s Terrax the Tamer!

  7. Hulk-Man(always on)

    The good guys will obviusly win btw this may be the first good comic by Loeb from their positions

  8. I LOVE the Defenders, nuff said.

  9. I hope it’s good – but I have lost all faith in this series.

  10. I dropped Hulk at #3 but i’ll definately pick up these two because of the lovely cover art.

  11. I can see that – McGuiness is the person selling this book – he is an amazing talent.

  12. I think Hulk would win since Rulk emitted so much radiation powering up the hulk so I think this will be fairly easy

  13. I think they did a nice job with the choices they made for the Characters on the offenders, but I’m not sure whats going to happen with this storyline, at least it’ll be just one comic instead of two separate stories. The surfer can definitely kick Rulks ass too, hes beaten the Hulk as well, except in Planet Hulk.

  14. who needs words?

  15. Ratchet you’re doing us all a big favor reviewing these for us, and summarizing. Then we don’t have to buy them to find out what is going on, but then again we could just go to a borders and drink coffee whilst reading the comic (if they have it) and then we won’t have to pay for it. Thus leading to a drop in sales and Loeb getting fired (they did it on Heroes!) and having someone better take over. But for those of us who can’t do the aforementioned due to where we might live (or we just don’t get out of our house a lot) you’re doing us a lot of good.

    This might not make sense to some of you people who read this, I do that a lot… including in real life.

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