Blonsky and Abomination Mini-Mates (2008)

Abomination & Blonsky Mini Mates

Abomination & Blonsky Mini Mates

Blonsky and Abomination 2-pack

Blonsky and Abomination 2-pack

This is the best Mini-Mates set for one reason – it comes with accessories!  Everything can be made better with accessories!  I love the little Blonsky.  He and his unshaven little face comes with night vision goggles and a gun.  Abomination actually looks pretty good too – amazingly.  I think this version grew on me just a bit – but I’m still jonesing for the classic Abomination. 

The detail they pu into these little guys are sweet!  Look at Abomination’s little toe nails!  Can anyone explain why these sets come with extra little feet?  I’m not really sure what they are for.  Anyways, Abomination’s back bones that are shooting out of his skin are doing the same on this toy.  Art Asylum has always done a nice job with this line – Mini Mates have become huge for a good reason – they are some of the coolest little toys ever!

Shoot him Blonsky!  Shoot him... errr - you!

Shoot him Blonsky! Shoot him... errr - you!

Do not turn your back on me!

Do not turn your back on me!

17 responses to “Blonsky and Abomination Mini-Mates (2008)

  1. Hulk-Man(always on)


  2. I plan to buy this but, the Hulk/Banner and Prof/Abom version tomorrow. On another note- man did you see all that drama on It was good to see that you were the peacemaker.

  3. I love drama! But not being the cause of it 🙂

  4. can you take some pics of abomination with the accessories? and him shooting blonsky?

  5. Does anyone else think it’s creepy that The Abomination has butt crack? Anyone? Am I the only one who’s staring at that crack? ….nevermind… don’t answer that…

  6. erm….umm…. with stuff like “Shoot him Blonsky..eer-you!” I would’ve thought you would’ve liked to do something like that

  7. Just messin’ with you Hulk-Man! 😀 But actually these pics were taken about a month or two ago. I have already packed these guys away – so if I do take pics like that it wouldn’t be for a while –

    And Kevin, I never even noticed he HAD a crack till you just said it! Freak.


  8. He’s also got hair growing on the front part where his butt would be…..

  9. He has hair on his butt also…

  10. Okay – enough about the butt

  11. well just look at the pic….

  12. LOOK AT HIS ABS!!! they’re covered in hair!!

  13. i just bought this yesterday i had fun with it and i think they do have a classic because the paper with all they guys comes with the pack and on the bottom right theres like a grey dude that looks like the abomination!

  14. Classic Abomination isn’t grey though…

  15. oh yeah ha ha.But in the future with the new abominiation what if they stop using the classic i would be quit dissapointed

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