Hulk Family – Green Genes (2008) – The Review

Who picked this up yesterday?  Pretty darn good issue.  It’s nice to have some good old fashion Hulk stories after the crap they have been shoveling at us this year.  The first story, titled Your Lucky Day, takes place right after the events in The Incredible Hulk #344 – Ground Zero – my favorite HulkContinue reading “Hulk Family – Green Genes (2008) – The Review”

Marvel Legends Red Hulk BAF (2008)

  It’s funny, you know, I said I had no interest in getting this figure – and I didn’t – but I had a friend give me both arms one leg and the head.  She had bought the figures for her son but thought the body parts they came with were too morbid.  I toldContinue reading “Marvel Legends Red Hulk BAF (2008)”