Incredible Hulk #98 Page #1 (2006)

Page 1 of issue #98

Page 1 of issue #98

This is one of the 2 original pages I bought in New York.  This is the kind of collectible every Hulk fan SHOULD have at least one of.  These are truly one of a kind items that will remain in history forever.  And this comes from one of the greatest recent Hulk storylines there is – Planet Hulk!  Splash pages usually go for thousands – even regualr pages are pretty pricey – but this page was a great find and a great steal!  Look at that shot at the top of the page!  You can tell how much I liked it because I made it my most recent banner.

When Hulk is staring you down - take my advice - look away!

When Hulk is staring you down - take my advice - look away!

This page has King Miek and some of his followers.  I also love the shot of Hulk swatting Miek away.  How funny is that?  Cause Miek is an insect like creature after all!  The cover to this comic is my least favorite but I would still snatch it up in a second if I got it for a nice price!  The more art you collect, the more you want – consider that your warning.  The amazing artist that created this page is Aaron Lopresti with Danny Miki inking.  Man, I love this page – probably the best purchase a Hulk fan can buy!

UPDATE: This page was sold on ebay in March of 2010 – so that I could purchase a Deodato Page – so glad I did!

13 responses to “Incredible Hulk #98 Page #1 (2006)

  1. about time you put something cool on this site ;0)

  2. Intense man, intense!

  3. the Incredulous Hulk-man

    man, you rule I wonder what it would be like to be in your shoes?

  4. the line work in that comic book is just amazing.

  5. Dang, that’s awesome. If I was ridiculously monied up, I’d like to get my hands on one of the original covers by Ladronn.

  6. Yeah – a cover would be nice – course, an extra thousand dollars to spend would be nice!

  7. the Incredulous Hulk-man

    If you have a wife, I’m sure she’s not happy with all the money you’re spending. but that’s okay… as long as you earn it.

  8. Actually my wife is VERY supportive of my collection – best woman in the world 🙂

  9. the Incredulous Hulk-man

    I gotta find me one of ’em

  10. the Incredulous Hulk-man

    😛 jk I probably won’t be married till I’m 27 or something

  11. Well, I’d give you mine – but she’s taken – and I was married right before I turned 30.

  12. Still the incredulous hulk-man

    You got kids? you gotta teach ’em ’bout hulk. (If they don’t know who he is)

  13. No kids just yet…

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