Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

New Hulk Custom on Ebay!


Granted, it’s not the amazing custom that was up months ago – but this one still isn’t too bad!  Click on the image.

Best Cover Ever… #6

Jim Steranko has delivered some of the best comic covers ever!  This is most famous – based off of how many times the cover has been covered and with so many different characters.  Check out what I’m talking about here.  Or just click on the image.  I love the covers of comics that have the characters messing with the title.  Like the cover to Incredible Hulk #345 – or Uncanny X-Men 135 anyways, I hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Ummm… Part 27

Does this even need a post underneath?  No… I didn’t think so.  See you tomorrow.