Selling a few things… if you’re interested!

I have a few items on ebay including a great copy of Incredible Hulk #181! Click on the links below to get to my auctions – please bid if you need any of these items – these are mostly my doubles and thought I could raise a little money with them! Hulk 181 Hulk ComicContinue reading “Selling a few things… if you’re interested!”

Turner Variants (2006/2008)

I’m not usually into getting variants.  These variant comic covers are from the late, great Michael Turner though – and not to mention I found them at a covention where the guy sold them all to me for a pretty cheap price – so… here they are.  The Incredible Hulk #100 also has a greyContinue reading “Turner Variants (2006/2008)”

Hulk & Betty Mini Mates (2008)

Here’s the last 2-pack of this set.  Of course it’s Betty and Hulk – and am I wrong in thinking that Betty looks kind of hot?  Even without a nose?  Anyways – Hulk’s hair looks a mess!  You’d think that with Betty they would make the Hulk look all suave and stuff – combed hair,Continue reading “Hulk & Betty Mini Mates (2008)”