Hulk vs. Aquon Sketch (2008)

Hulk vs. Aquon
Hulk vs. Aquon

I really wanted some Hulk vs. pieces.  This was the first I purchased in N.Y. from Antonio M. Matias.  I gave him the comic and he did his magic.  The Hulk is bad-ass and I love the way that Hulk has Aquon bleeding!  Of course, because the Hulk is to rough to handle!  Why don’t villains learn that?  This is truly one of Hulk’s best foes and I’m hoping to one day get Herb Trimpe to do a sketch for me – but for now I have this.  Antonio draws Megaloid and the Battle Gaurd for Blurb Comics – check it out at

Also, I thought it would be nice – since Christmas is coming – I will be posting a few times each day this week since I probably won’t be able to post next week too much.  So I will post something later – but I need to rake a shower right now – so check in later.  Yeah, later.

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16 thoughts on “Hulk vs. Aquon Sketch (2008)

  1. “He’s totally underrated! He’s just as strong – but can breathe underwater!”
    Nice job trying to sell him Ryan. I admit he has more potential than the leader but he still falls way behind Stilt Man and Sugar Man. Who, by the way, are some of the worst Marvel Baddies ever…..

  2. “Aquon got the upper hand on hulk a few times hurt hulk but Qnax beat hulk once and almost defeated him like 3 other times”

    Wait wait, there is somthing wrong here- it’s either he beat Hulk or defeated him. Can’t have both my friend as they mean the same thing.

  3. What I think everyone should do is follow this link and take a look at Hulk fighting “The Crawling Unknown”. I love when Marvel or DC uses Lovecraftian creatures, now here is a fight HULK VS CTHULHU

  4. What? Listen man there are many more things in life to worry about than a HULK argument. Like NAFTA or the North American Union. It’s just a comic book. We have bigger Green Monsters to fry like the Federal Reserve, enjoy this while you have it.

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