Marvel Select Red Hulk Figure (2008)

Marvel Select Red Hulk Figure

Marvel Select Red Hulk Figure

Yes, it came in!  And yes!  The head is a bit too small…  The figure itself is pretty great – even the head mold is really decent – just not proportionally accurate.  The body sculpt still works well with this figure.  It’s still huge and towers over almost every figure they put out.  The color is spot on – a slightly darker, less cherry red than the ML BAF Rulk.  Man, that title feels like I’m texting…

Close Up of Red Hulk

Close Up of Red Hulk

The few things the BAF Red Hulk figure has over this one is that #1)  The Red Hulk is supposed to be a little bigger than the green and the BAF is bigger than all of the ML Hulk figures.  The Marvel Select figure is the same exact size as the green.  #2)  The BAF nails the McGuiness art really well. It nails the art in a way that very few toys do.  The only other toy that surpasses this figure in accuracy is the ML Face-Off Hulk.  The Marvel Select figure is just a little bit off in getting the look of McGuiness’ art.  And since there haven’t been more than 3 artists that have drawn a published Red Hulk so far – and this figure doesn’t hit any of them – that’s a strike against it.

Green vs. Red!  Green will beat you down!

Green vs. Red! Green will beat you down!

The packaging is huge and has the Red Hulk image from Hulk #1’s cover.  This was only available on the BBTS website.  These are available on ebay for about $35.00.  Or you could buy a case for $25.00 each which translate to roughly $150.00.  But then you’re stuck with 5 extra figures… but it’s up to you – all I can do is try to steer you in the right direction – it’s up to you to make the choice.  You guys grow up so fast… *weeping*  Sorry, let’s get back on track here.  3000 of these figures are made.  That’s a pretty small run so that will probably help it’s collectibility factor.  Over all, I say pick this figure up if you can.  even though it’s the less superior figure I still feel like it will be sought after.  The BAF Rulk figure has already started to drop in price with a lot of them going for $60-$50 and a few are actually going for even lower than $50.

BAF Hulk - superior in every way!

BAF Hulk - superior in every way!

9 responses to “Marvel Select Red Hulk Figure (2008)

  1. I bought the Hulk and Rulk Marvel Select set from – I got a nice little gift card a few months ago and decided to blow it on these two…it still showing as not in-stock yet, but should be soon – I HOPE!

  2. you keeping him in the package?

  3. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    he does that with everything else!

  4. I am going to keep him in the package – but I did pick up an extra regular version to open up. Man, he is huge! Looks awesome!

  5. You hate Rulk but you keep buying his figures!

  6. That is true – what can I say other than you got me there… 🙂

  7. KensJap- That’s because Ratchet is a true Hulk fan, nuff said.

  8. you must have some luck or something every time i look for these things on ebay there like 65 bucks a peice!
    but they sure do look cool.

  9. cool collection and cool rulk!

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