Incredible Hulk #102 Page #14

Incredible Hulk #102 Page #14
Incredible Hulk #102 Page #14

This page – the second page I ever purchased, and in New York – is also from Planet Hulk.  I would like to own different art from different artists – but this page was just too much!  The scene is where the Hulk, who just came out of the liquid magma in the planet’s core where he was busy stopping the earthquake that would rip the planet apart, has Korg’s help to be flung right at the Red King to land a devestating blow and end his reign.  The obvious, best shots on this page is where the Hulk is flying through the air – but a close second is the shot of the Red King, showing the fear in his face of what he’s up against.  I do like having pieces that show each of the characters from the story.  This page has Caiera, Korg, The Red King.  This story was so great I love owning pieces of it.  I bought it from this seller who still has Planet Hulk pages available.  If you’re interested you should act now!  Truly, take my advice, owing original pieces of Hulk art is far better than having any statue or action figure lining your walls.  Like many told me, owning the original art brings your collection to whole new level.


8 responses to “Incredible Hulk #102 Page #14

  1. oh my god, the line work and inking….drool

  2. Tell me about it! I’m telling you, Albery Moy has a bunch of pages left – some are VERY reasonable. You should take a look – the link is above in the post!

  3. nice page gammabro!

  4. You have pages from Planet Hulk, right?

  5. “nice page gammabro!” I thought you were talking to gammapro

  6. no, but gammapro is a gammabro!

    ratchet – I do have a some PH pages

  7. I knew you did. There’s still a great splash page that I would love to get – but I don’t have the funds right now…

  8. which one?

    I have a page coming

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