The Incredible Hulk Promotional Standees (2008)

I have a few of these things now – pretty happy with the haul.  Most of the people I talked to gave me a strange story of how they “donate” all this stuff to children’s charities or schools.  Most of which was baloney.  The BK guy told me that he gives it to a schoolContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk Promotional Standees (2008)”

The Incredible Hulk Pop-Up Book (2008)

  This was a last minute Christmas release!  I remember last year seeing the Spiderman and X-Men pop-up books and scoured the rack for a Hulk one.  Nothing.  But a great Hulk-brother of mine, 5150, posted this up on Hulk Space a week or so ago and I ran to Borders right away.  Funny enough,Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk Pop-Up Book (2008)”