Heavy Metal Hulk Hook (2003)

Hulk Hook
Hulk Hook

Alright, I can’t remember if I showed this to you yet.  I don’t think so – but if I did then forgive me.  I found this piece, again, at Comically Speaking in Reading.  It’s completely made of metal, it’s heavy and the Hulk on the top is awesome!  This is one of those things that you put on a mantel and pull a small hook out from the bottom so that you may hang your stocking, hang a mistletoe, or hang a noose (wait, what?!?  A noose?  this thread just took a violent turn into scary!) from – without having to put a nail or a tack into the wood.  The profile reveals like the Hulk has either had some plastic surgery – or he had a fairy put a lying curse on him.  Man, with a schnoz like that the Hulk should be hiding in the bushes feeding lines to a guy who is confessing his love to a woman in a window.  Didn’t Steve Martin once play the Hulk in a movie?  Man, that is one big nose!

Profi... WOW!  That nose could stop traffic!
Profi... WOW! That nose could stop traffic!

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5 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Hulk Hook (2003)

  1. I remember getting this with a whole bunch of X-mas Hulk stuff and my favorite was Hulk with the snow balls. You should have X-mas Hulk stuff display/review. If you don’t maybe next year I’ll do it for HSC.

  2. Ohhh… don’t even bring up that Hulk with snowballs! I need to get that. I had one and it met with an… unfortunate fate. I will have another! I love that thing!

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