Ernie Chan Commission (2008)

Yes, this is the classic Hulk artist Ernie Chan.  Yes, he has a VERY reasonable price for commissions.  Pick one up – seriouly he will do what you’d like – and he’s really quick.  This classic pose is a beautiful rendition of the Hulk in a full on rage.  I’m thinking of getting another –Continue reading “Ernie Chan Commission (2008)”

Abomination Lead Figurine (2008)

It was just a matter of time before they made the Abomination – with the Hulk, the grey Hulk and the Leader all present it’s only fitting that they released the Abomination here in the States before the year is through.  I say here in the States because these figurines, all painted in lead paintContinue reading “Abomination Lead Figurine (2008)”