Abomination Lead Figurine (2008)

Abomination Lead Figure

Abomination Lead Figure

It was just a matter of time before they made the Abomination – with the Hulk, the grey Hulk and the Leader all present it’s only fitting that they released the Abomination here in the States before the year is through.  I say here in the States because these figurines, all painted in lead paint – yes it’s harmful – but only if you digest it, so keep these out of your mouths, are actually made and released overseas.  Only specialty comic shops carry these, so you most likely won’t find them in any major chain stores. 

Profile - Side View

Profile - Side View

They are obviously taking a little more interest into making bases for these figures – I like bases with a little more pizazz – I like figures that tell a bit of a story rather than just standing there.  As you can tell comparing the Hulk’s standard black base to the Abomination’s rocky rubble base.  Abomination holding the steel pipe ready to knock the be-jesus out of someone is a perfect pose.  The Leader was posed in his classic pose but the Abomination doesn’t have what we can call a “classic” pose – so just showing aggression is as good as any. 

The Abomination Collectible Booklet

The Abomination Collectible Booklet

Side 1 of the Poster

Side 1 of the Poster

Side 2 of the Poster

Side 2 of the Poster

The great thing about the little collectible booklet that comes with these figures are the time lines of their story in the comics.  You can follow their every move – like, for example, I wasn’t aware that immediately following his debut in comics he went to Thor’s comic and then right back to Hulk’s.  The later 80’s and 90’s had Abomination popping in and out of a bunch of comic heroes.  West Coast Avengers, Hawkeye, Spiderman, Namor, X-Man, X-Men – and then of course came the Betty saga.  I wonder if Peter David meant for the Abomination to kill Betty?  I wonder if he laid the groundwork for such a memorable moment in Hulk history.

UPDATE: I emailed PD and he in fact confirmed that he always intended for the Abomination to be the one who killed Betty.  Kudos to Peter David for emailing back fans with such silly questions…

The Face-off

The Face-off

Look Out Hulk!  Behind You!

Look Out Hulk! Behind You!

12 responses to “Abomination Lead Figurine (2008)

  1. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    I’d be careful, if yyou spend prolonged time around Lead it will destroy your nervous system…..

  2. It would need to be more lead than these little guys are painted with…

    No worries – I’m being careful 🙂

  3. I’m disturbed that the abomination happens to be naked.

  4. Me too. What happened to the Blue Speedos? And it’s more disturbing that he’s hung like a Ken doll…

  5. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    He didn’t have the blue speedo in the movie or the games!

  6. i heard peter david lives on long island NY somewhere, any one know anything about this?

  7. Hulk-Man – does the lead figure look like the movie version? You claim to be a Hulk fan but just talk about the movie and such – you do realize that this character has been around for more than 40 years!

    The comic Abom – which this is modeled after – usually covers himself up with a blue speedo.

  8. Do you think it would have been a little weird if they made abom look like he does in the comic in the new hulk film? he kinda looks like the creature from the black lagoon…but on roids….i like the new version but still I’m a purist

  9. You know – it would have been perfect if they just added ears – that’s all they needed to do!

  10. I know, I’ve even read the abominations first appearance and some other abomination vs. hulk fights (FREAKING AWESOME) and I am a hulk fan that has read at least 170 issues of hulk and like (including the ones which star hulk) like 200 that feature the hulk!

  11. they were going to add the ears but then they would have made the hulk bite off the ears! So they figured no

  12. Did they model the Abom figure after Dorian Yates??? That guy is a BEAST (not of the blue furry sort)!

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