Tom Palmer Commission (2008)

Tom Palmer Commission

Tom Palmer Commission

Tom Palmer.  The name alone means so much to Marvel fans.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this list of Greatest Inkers of American Comic Books.  That’s right.  Also, I have one of the classiest and best friends ever.  Tom Palmer frequents Zapp Comics in N.J. where my friend, Corry, works.  Corry asked for a sketch of the Hulk to be done for a Christmas present.  Tom Palmer did so much more. 



 This is a full, beautiful, inked piece by an absolute master.  Look at the detail in this piece that screams classic Marvel.  Everything about this piece makes me giddy.  I would have never acquired such an amazing piece had it not be for my friend – so thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have collected a lot of art at this point – but this one, even signed to me, is my favorite.  Check out this other blog if you want to see just how revered Tom Palmer is in the industry.

Signed - but even better - personalized.

Signed - but even better - personalized.

5 responses to “Tom Palmer Commission (2008)

  1. Beautiful, really pops off the page. Great piece.

  2. Best present ever. I love this piece so much.

  3. one of the best pieces in your collection … I love the art, and the story that comes with it is awesome!

  4. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    It looks Like Hulk : Grey Kind of

  5. okay – I think it looks better!

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