TRU Exclusive Hulk Mini-Mates (2008)

TRU Exclusive Mini-Mates

TRU Exclusive Mini-Mates

Well, well, it is an “exclusive” I guess.  But it’s just the package.  But the package has little windows!  Windows!  So, the figures can look out or we can look in – either way – it’s YAY!   We can see the figures!  If you want to call this a variant, go ahead, no one’s going to stop you – but all it is is a different package.  They did pair the Hulk and the Abomination in one package.  In the regular packages they paired Abomination with Blonsky and the Hulk with Banner.  So here, the figures are at the very least together.  Still cool though.

4 responses to “TRU Exclusive Hulk Mini-Mates (2008)

  1. HEy guest what there is a classic abomination minimate search smart hulk and abominiatino marvel minimates on the web and you will find them you got to get them the abominationn looks so cool along with smart hulk althoug a dumb name for smart hulk

  2. I have that! I posted long ago – use the search function on the side and you’ll find it on my site!

  3. ok thanks!

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