Incredible Hulk Talking View Master Reels (1978)

Hulk Talking View Master Reels
Hulk Talking View Master Reels

Back in the late 70’s View Master ruled the children’s entertainment world.  Before there was Nintendo – there was the View Master!  Take a disc, slide it into the top and pull the little arm on the side – and wheeeee! – you’re off into a magical world of still pictures that repeat after the 8th or 9th picture… Well, understandably, View Master had to up the ante – and up it they did!  They invented the TALKING View Master!  Slip the disc into the top, there’s also a small record type thing attached to the disc – and as you look at the tiny still pictures you can also hear a story that goes along with it!  But not regular old pictures – 3D pictures! – but not real 3D pictures, just ones that look 3D.  These sets had 3 discs and came with a little booklet.  The booklet has a small story – Herb Trimpe images – and tells you how to hear the rest of the story.  Man, the 70’s had the greatest toys ever!  EVER!

The Whole Set!
The Whole Set!

 No post tomorrow – have a good New Year!  See you in 2009!  Man, I can’t wait for Bowen’s 2009 run!

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