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Hulk #4 Page #20

Hulk #4 Page #21

Hulk #4 Page #20

Let’s start the year off with a HUGE Hulk bang!  How about original art from McGuinness?

It’s the truth – the horrible horrible truth… even though the story is crap – the art is AMAZING!  So how can you pass up picking up original art from the new series?  Especially when there was a great sale on it.  Take a look at this page here.  You might remember this scene – the green Hulk bites right through the gun that the Rulk is threatening him with.  Then he knees the nemesis in the nether regions.  Great stuff – this is the scene right before Thor shows up – actually there is another page – which I have!  Which I will show a little later… stay tuned in!

My friend and I remember going to Comic Cons a few years back.  McGuinness was always sitting by himself without a crowd.  Who knew?  Then came his run on Superman – all of a sudden you couldn’t get anywhere near him!  That goes to show you – try to search out the new talent – the undiscovered masters.  Having art from the masters is always exciting – well could you imagine getting art from George Perez or John Byrne BEFORE they blew up?

Hulk... Eating Lead

Hulk... Eating Lead