Keown Hulk Shirt – Shirt #20

Hulk Shirt #20

Hulk Shirt #20

This is also the cover to Incredible Hulk #377 – the comic that has the first appearence of the merged Hulk.  The cover is better than #379 which shows the Hulk’s face – people love that cover, but this one is freakin’ sweet!  I bought this shirt at a comic shop… somewhere.  It was a while ago.  I can’t remember – so sue me – but it was a choice between getting this shirt or one of the Red Hulk.  Exactly, there was no choice – obviously the only reason to get a Red Hulk shirt is to burn it.

5 responses to “Keown Hulk Shirt – Shirt #20

  1. Another shirt I don’t have, and I have at least 25 Hulk shirts and counting( I’m going to be broke). Hey, how about showcasing Hulk hats or beach towels? On another note, do you see the $hit that’s going on between the newbies and oldies, lol, on HSC? It’s just sad to see these things happening there. All in all, I agree with the things you had to say.

  2. I had a similar shirt like that I got in like 1993. Only difference was that it was white and the letters had images from the comic on them. I think H had Banner, U had an image of the green hulk, L had the grey hulk and I can’t remember the last image.

  3. Hey 465 – yeah – Hulkspace seems to have a lot of feuding these days. I can usually get along with everyone – but when you try to help someone and they keep refuting everything you say it becomes aggravating. Not to mention – this person’s whole persona seems fake. Notice how he never responds to people about where he’s from?

    But hey, no skin off my nose. I actually don’t mind Hulk-Man’s posts most of the time and enjoy the site as a whole. But I understand where the veterans are coming from.

  4. You could use the red hulk shirt for a towel, a hanky, when you’re in the woods and you need go…you don’t need to use your sock..and oh yeah a molotov cocktail fuse and you can use that said molotov cock tail to light up lobe’s apartment…make him see the light.

  5. Excellent quality shirt btw. I have had the shirt nearly 2 years and looks brand new. And the material itself is just damn comfortable. I wish more of my t-shirts were made like this.

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