Chris Giarrusso Sketch (2008)

Marvel Mini Sketch
Marvel Mini Sketch

Chris Giarrusso is the artist that draws the Marvel Mini cartoons at the end of most of the Marvel Comics.  They are usually quick, funny mini-stories that sum up what has happened in the Marvel Universe.  I met Chris at the NY Comic-Con – he was in pretty high demand as his sketches are great – he was a gracious artist who seemed to like what he does.  I am in the mood for vs. pieces lately – so I asked Chris for a Leader vs. Hulk – which was only an issue because he’s never drawn the Leader before.  He asked for reference material and I went with the modern Leader because I already had another artist doing a classic Leader commission (I will post that one soon) and I think the modern Leader fits in well with the Marvel Mini style.

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19 thoughts on “Chris Giarrusso Sketch (2008)

  1. Very cool…! I managed to get a Thing vs Hulk sketch done years ago before the he became a “big demand” artist…I like his style…did you look at some of his cover reproductions? Those are awesome too…

  2. I’d like to see how he’d draw Joe Fixit, not the Gray Hulk since drawing it would pretty much be like drawing inside the lines a coloring book that has this picture in it.

    Yeah those are pretty cool comic strips though, I like them, seems like they’re the only good thing thats been in the last 3 Hulk Comics.

  3. his leader looks strange but he got the face right for leader about to be pummeled! I think a Joe fixit vs. the Thing would be a cool one to get from him!

  4. Fixit would be awesome…

    Good to hear from you Hulk-Man – how are you handling being banned? No worries man, just come back lesson learned. It’s only a week right?

  5. Wait Hulk Sm.. I mean Hulk-man is banned from HSC??!!! When did this happen, and what post? I just finished reading you vs. I’m from Canada, what a head trip, lol. I just can’t stop laughing. I’m dying to see Canada’s reply. See you back at HSC.

  6. I really don’t like having it out with people – I have always been as helpful as possible. This guy rubbed me the wrong way. I thought and read back his posts and it just seems so clear to me that this guy is a sham.

    My prediction:

    He will keep lying and come out with a crazy story about where he is from… some crazy language that he speaks… let’s see what happens…

  7. “My prediction:

    He will keep lying and come out with a crazy story about where he is from… some crazy language that he speaks… let’s see what happens…”
    where you talking about me? It was cracker Jack he likes the way I think but he hates me so he reported me 4 times!! and some of them I didn’t do! but I reported him for posting pornographic material on hulkspace so, we’ll see

    P.S. does it say I’m banned?

  8. Not you Hulk-Man – you speak English. No one hates you – don’t look for revenge on CJ – make peace and come back with a positive attitude! And yes, it does say you are banned.

  9. Oh sigh, can’t we all just get along and bask in the green gamma glow? The world would be a much better place…

    it would help if Loeb were fired from comics for ever, kinda like how we fired Green Day from Punk Rock.

  10. He reported me I guess for revenge*

    * I reported him for postibg pornographic material

  11. It is – and, amazingly, he has not responded. That proves that I was right to me. When is your banning over?

  12. you’ll see……
    you’ll see……
    you’ll see……
    I’m hungry….
    maybe I should stop talking….
    anyways I’m probably boring you but it’s 2:00 on theursday

  13. Hey great Chris G piece. Question actually…what did it cost ya? I ask because I have a friend who is going to do his best to get me a piece at Charlotte..and it will also have 2 characters. I’m doing a piece with G-man and a character of my own…kinda wanted to see his take.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I usually don’t talk about prices openly on the site – I will say he was very reasonable and a nice guy to talk to.

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