40th Anniversary Hulk Bust (Green Version)(2003)

Dynamic Forces 40th Anniversary Bust

Dynamic Forces 40th Anniversary Bust

I have an affinity for a certain color and sculpt of my Hulk items.  Sometimes, just sometimes, a Hulk sculpt lends itself to both colors very well.  I have the grey version of this bust – I love it so much I made it a personal quest to acquire the green version.  Funny enough… the green isn’t as easy to come by.  I found the grey and got it for a present and then set out to get this one.  Every time I found one or one popped up on ebay it quickly climbed to a price that I wasn’t comfortable paying.



Then this auction came up.  Funny enough it had a unique twist to it.  It seems that the owner of this bust took it to get it signed by Herb Trimpe.  Not the bust itself, mind you, just the box…  Why would someone get just the box signed?  Boxes are always nice to have, sure, but usually you put them away in your attic or your basement, but the point is… it’s not something you display… so… why?  Here’s a shot:

Herb Trimpe Signature

Herb Trimpe Signature

So, yeah – Trimpe signed the box.  That’s awesome.  I guess.  I could really care less because now the box is in my attic where no one sees it.  The bust, however, is displayed right next to it’s grey partner.  Notice the green version has the book turned upside-down.  That’s because the green Hulk is actually stalking a girl across the room and trying to hide behind the book – but he’s not good with details.  The girl is totally going to look over and see the him.  She’s going to be like “Oh my God!  Is that the f@*$in’ Hulk?  I totally have a restraining order against him!”  Hulk’s busted.

Close Up - look at the Book!

Close Up - look at the Book!

Actually, I love this bust.  It’s so great – I am psyched to have both versions of this beautiful sculpture.  Dynamic Forces hit it out of the park with this one.  DF didn’t always have the best product (What?  Abomination bust anyone?  People have a real hate for that bust.  I’m just saying…)



16 responses to “40th Anniversary Hulk Bust (Green Version)(2003)

  1. The incredulous Smashing!

    Awesome ratchet! I bet you lots of big collectors on HS don’t have this!

  2. Hey, Smash your right, I don’t have it either, oh WOE is being me. Is not Ratch the master collector? That is one of the many reasons why I’m one of his biggest fan.

  3. very nice … I have the green one and absolutely love it? Martin rocks!

  4. Dave – did you ask me if you love your green Hulk bust? There’s a question mark after the sentence – which confuses me 🙂

  5. who knows? … I must have been tired lol

  6. Well, in that case, I say yes! You love it!

  7. and you would be correct!!

  8. You know what it is with this one? I love how unique it is! It’s a take on the Hulk that I would never expect. Most of the time there is smashing and anger – and this doesn’t have that.

  9. this statue is very underrated for sure … the sculpt is amazing – really captures the massively muscled Hulk that I like and the concept is great. I really love Martin Canale’s Hulk sculpts (I also love the SS vs dio that he did)

    Here is the turnaround art on the Gore site:


  10. hulk’s eyes must be upside down that’s why the book is, or the creator of this statue accicdently put it like that, anyway even mistakes make things look great

  11. For some reason I like the Grey Hulk better than the Green. The different details on each piece are very good but for me the Grey Hulk looks a lot better. I’m so happy I have one.

  12. Hi since i started collecting Hulk i have tended to like the more unusual ones.I recently got the DF Earth x Hulk faux bronz fantastic.I have just won the 40th anniversary green Hulk on ebay and cannot wait to see how good it really is.Being from the UK postage and xtra tax can be a pain but every time i get one its well worth it.
    Cheers Drew

    • Not a fan of the Earth X – but I can tell you right now – this statue is fantastic! Nice pick up!

  13. hi Ratchet, I was wondering what your opinion is to why the green 40th anniversary bust is more sought after than the gray, even though the gray is a production size of 400 (if i’m not mistaken). and i wanted to say its a great collection,which i’m sure you hear often lol. thanks again. one of my favorites is the Sideshow Planet HUlk and Savage Surfer…. so dynamic. thanks again for sharing your collection

    • More people know the green Hulk – that’s why the Grey Hulk statues are always lower runs – and usually less $ on the secondary market. Heck, I know some HUGE Hulk fans that don’t even bother collecting anything grey…

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