Marvel Masterworks 2 (2008)

Marvel Masterworks - Incredible Hulk No. 2
Marvel Masterworks - Incredible Hulk No. 2

These really are beautiful books.  I swear, I don’t know these people who read comics on line, because I hate reading anything off of a computer screen – except my blog, that thing is just plain awesome!  Anyways, the newer books aren’t ever really going to be worth diddly but the silver-age books are not only hard to come by but will be worth more and more over the years.  My point is – you don’t want to ruin those books.  Try to keep them in the condition they are in – because you know what their enemy is?  Air.  That’s right, air makes these books deteriorate.  The same thing that keeps you alive and supplies your entire body with an essential element is killing your books!  Damn air!  And light!  Keep your books out of the light as well – and heat!  these suckers are worst than having children!  Anyways, that’s why books like these are so great – now you can read the classics without damaging your precious books.

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2 thoughts on “Marvel Masterworks 2 (2008)

  1. ooohh, look at the big brain, talking about air and light, lol. Seriously, All the MMW with Hulk are awesome indeed. I just picked up the Defenders MMW 1 month back and love the hell out of it. I prefer all green covers over the grey. By the way Ratch have you been looking at what Canada is saying to me on HSC, what do you think? Anywho, I got your mess and I totally feel where your coming from bro.

  2. I’ve seen it. I still don’t trust the guy. He can’t tell us his language – but then he just shows it out of nowhere? he’s playing games – but I’m not wastin’ any more time with it.

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