Tristan Sandnes Commission (2008)

Tristan Sandnes Sketch

Tristan Sandnes Sketch

So, I usually try to support any artist that I enjoy – especially undiscovered ones that I find – people who have blogs or pages and display their stuff that they sketch out for fun.  So is the case with this piece.  I love this website called the Daily Sketch and I decided to ask the guy about commissions.  Keep in mind that I was fairly new at this – the guy quoted me a price I was a little hesitant about but finally agreed to.  Looking at his other stuff I was excited to see what he would come up with.  Than he sent me an email asking if I wanted a file sent to me – or do I want him to print one out and send it to me.  I was stunned because the price he quoted me was A LOT for a simple digital print – I was almost angry!  After another few emails he said he would send the actual piece, inked.  The problem was… I wasn’t very happy with the piece itself.  It wasn’t up to the quality that I had seen in his other work.  Needless to say it was a lesson learned in being a little more clear in what I’d like – to make sure both the artist and the customer are completely clear on what they expect in a commission.  I wish the story was a little better – but it’s an Iron Man vs. Hulk piece.  And no, I still haven’t warmed up to this piece.  When I look at it I think it looks a bit rushed.  A bit of a let down.  Live and Learn I guess.

Another shot

Another shot

He even sketched a small Hulk head on the envelope that he sent it in – it was as good as the actual piece.  That was almost a tell tale sign that this piece was a quick and rushed piece.  I wish I had something brighter and happier to tell you – but alas you will have to wait till tomorrow for something more fun!

Envelope sketch

Envelope sketch

14 responses to “Tristan Sandnes Commission (2008)

  1. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    that errmm… doesn’t look like hulk

  2. It was a bummer to say the least…

  3. live and learn indeed ratch … it happens in the art game

  4. Iron Man looks like a tumor

  5. oh man his other stuff looks realy good, why ever would he send you his worst?

  6. That’s what I’m saying… you should always do your best anyways – but when I saw this I said to myself – this guy basically just took my money and ran…

    It’s too bad because, usually if I’m happy with an artist’s work I can get them more… It happened with Ernie Chan – as soon as people saw my commission they emailed him about getting their own, and Jeff Wamester was another.

  7. Oh well man, it’s his loss. If you want fan art I would do stuff for you for free. Just trying to get out there

  8. Also-

    Maybe you should check out Mitch Clem’s art, he does a rather good comic on Punk Rock called Nothing Nice To Say (NN2S) He may be into doing a commission. I highly reccomend him

  9. The incredulous Smashing!

    I iwsh you had warned us of the nude girl on your profile….

  10. Nude girl?

  11. Oh the girl with no legs ….i didn’t post that I am sorry you guys had to see that.

  12. Well, Smashing, you had to grow up sometime kid…

  13. new pics up on the myspace if anyone really wants a peek, if ya like lovecraft you might like the pics

  14. Looks like a five year old drew this!

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