Marvel Legends Titanium Figure

ML Titanium Figure
ML Titanium Figure

I had the hardest time tracking this guy down!  After I sold my extra #181 I had a nice chunk of change – I bought the 2 McGuinnness pages as well as this guy with the funds!  But a funny thing happened… I bought this guy off ebay, the seller sent it to me – but I opened the package, which was strangely longer and skinner than I expected.  And then I found out why.  Upon opening the package I discovered a Stone Cold Steve Austin figure. 

Close Up
Close Up

I was so bummed.  I had been trying to find this figure for a good price for over a year!  And now this!  I emailed the seller – he apologized and asked that I send the figure back.  He refunded me the money and told me that he would send the Hulk figure if he gets it back.  I wasn’t holding my breath.  But sure enough – almost a month later! – I get another package in the mail!  I got it the same time I received the Marvel Select Hulks in the mail.  Inside was the Hulk figure!  The seller had refunded me the money AND still sent me the figure!  Now that is service!

Side of Package
Side of Package

I love the little unique things about this package – the plastic cover has small, drawn cracks on it – like the Hulk has been trying to break out!  And the sides of the package have huge images of the Hulk’s face!  The other side has a different image – the Hulk’s mouth is closed – but man, I am so happy to have finally gotten this!  Definitely worth the pick up!

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4 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Titanium Figure

  1. They just had a few of these guys at a Marshall’s here in Florida for 5 bucks a piece. Man, it’s too bad you don’t have a most wanted Hulk list or something.
    Awesome figure though. Would have been great if the whole thing could have been made out of metal.

  2. Refreshing news regarding that ebay seller. Too many dishonest people are running loose on there it’s nice to hear a story about a decent and honest person. That move definitely deserves some positive feedback.

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