Paul A. Hajj Commission (2008)

Finished Commission - Fixit in Blue

Finished Commission - Fixit in Blue

Now this is more like it!  I showed you a commission that was a let down – so today I show you one that was sort of a nice surprise.  Paul A. Hajj has a cool little website here – he likes to draw superheroes and drew the Hulk a few times before.  Once here:

Hulk #1

Hulk #1

Another here:

Hulk #2

Hulk #2

He even did an Abomination here:



I enjoyed his style and asked him to create a Fixit just for me.  He did and this was the results:

Fixit in Green

Fixit in Green

I liked it – but Fixit wore blue.  I asked him to change the suit and he did – really super cool and easy to work with guy and came out with a fun rendition of one of the best Hulk incarnations!  Trust me, the pic is great looks great when printed out – if you’s like a cartoony, digital commission – this is a guy to look up!

8 responses to “Paul A. Hajj Commission (2008)

  1. very cool. gotta say, i really like #2.

  2. great style – love the Fixit!

  3. The Incredulous Loeb-Hater (Hulk-man)

    Is it free to get a commision from him?

  4. Free? No. Reasonable? Yes!

  5. Hey Ratchet!

    Thanks for the kind words. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate the write-up.

    As always, anybody can contact me for similar illustration work. Thanks!

  6. No problem Paul! Nice double post by the way 😉 just kidding. You can – it’s a post about you! I might be contacting you again for something else – since this experience was so much fun!

  7. I didn’t think it posted the first time! HA!

    You can remove one. 😉 Thanks!

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