Hulk 100 Project (2008)

Hulk 100 Project

Hulk 100 Project

The Hulk 100 Project was, in case you were living under a rock, a great project for the Hero Initiative – which is a non-profit corporation that helps comic creators in need.  There is only one printing of this book – through an agreement between Marvel and the Hero Initiative this book will not be re-printed.  Ever.  If you didn’t get this – that’s really too bad because you won’t see this book any more. 

Alan Davis Hulk Cover #1

Alan Davis Hulk Cover #1

Basically, what happens is Marvel prints out a bunch of blank covers for Hulk #1. They gave them to some artists – 126 to be exact – to create a one of a kind Hulk cover that will be auctioned off.  And, true enough, most of them went for a good amount of money.  The most was Frank Cho’s cover, it went for $ 7,500, but IT DIDN’T EVEN FEATURE THE HULK!  But my favorite was Dave Simmons:

Dave Simmons

Dave Simmons

And Herb Trimpe did a great one with some classic villains:

Herb Trimpe Cover

Herb Trimpe Cover

14 responses to “Hulk 100 Project (2008)

  1. I missed out on this-I am so dumb

  2. I got mine! Thank you atomic comic! This is a fantastic collection.

  3. I cannot tell from the picture, but did you get the Hardcover?

  4. no, soft cover.

  5. Very cool….

  6. The incredulous Smashing!

    this is awesome!

  7. Ryan Cody, pg. 19, what do you think of his? He is a local (phoenix) and did my first commission for me.

  8. I kind of like it. I think the block-y look really works. What’s his commission price look like? May have to inquire about getting one from him…

  9. here’s the one he did for me –
    9×12 b/w commissions starting @ only $20 (+s&h)

  10. That is f’n awesome! Seriously! Alright, I have to contact this guy – thanks for the heads up!

  11. wow – I’m down for one of these as well!

  12. Sweet, right? I like his style!

  13. Well I kind of have you to thank for it – your collection is “awe inspiring” and made me want to expand my own – I am really happy about how my first commission turned out.

  14. i bought the Tim Seeley comic. Got sniped on a bunch.

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