Mega-Blocks Vehicle (2008)

Mega-Blocks Playset

Mega-Blocks Playset

Steven Yarish – the man who runs the greatest Hulk site ever (and that’s saying a lot because I really love my site!) told me  where to find the mega-blocks Hulk stuff.  Walgreens.  By the way – Steve’s site is in my blogroll – it’s called the Engine of Destruction – if you haven’t checked it out do yourself a favor and do so right now!  I never shop at Walgreens, so I was very happy that someone told me to go in there, otherwise I would never of had this.  There’s one more set, a larger one, that I haven’t located yet  -but I’m not really too worried about it.  I have the big big one with the two figures.

Close up of Hulk

Close up of Hulk

It’s funny they always stick the Hulk in a car or something because when was the last time that the Hulk had to go somewhere and thought – “Where did I leave my car?”  Exactly!  Never!  Hulk has huge sausage fingers too!  Can you imagine him having to handle keys?  It’s like trying to type on a cell phone with gloves on.

Back of Package

Back of Package

9 responses to “Mega-Blocks Vehicle (2008)

  1. The Incredulous Loeb-Hater (Hulk-man)

    well you can dial a cell phone with gloves on easily….. 😛 but it’s true! LATEX GLOVES

  2. How many people do you know that wears latex gloves to dial a phone?

  3. I found the large set in the shape of Hulk’s head at Marshall’s. Cheaper than what I had originally paid on

  4. I saw that too… had already bought it also…

  5. Walgreens huh? time to make a run methinks

  6. Damn, I’m slow, I did’nt know that Steve ran Engine of Destruction. You learn something new everyday.

  7. Steve’e site made me want to start this site. His site is just plain bad ass!

  8. Steve’s site is cool … I will have one some day as well … it will happen!!

    I’ve got a URL and a logo! …. just no time to build it 😦

  9. I can’t wait to see your site – when its running – I can only imagine all the Hulky goodness to drool over!

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