Mega-Blocks Vehicle (2008)

Mega-Blocks Playset
Mega-Blocks Playset

Steven Yarish – the man who runs the greatest Hulk site ever (and that’s saying a lot because I really love my site!) told me  where to find the mega-blocks Hulk stuff.  Walgreens.  By the way – Steve’s site is in my blogroll – it’s called the Engine of Destruction – if you haven’t checked it out do yourself a favor and do so right now!  I never shop at Walgreens, so I was very happy that someone told me to go in there, otherwise I would never of had this.  There’s one more set, a larger one, that I haven’t located yet  -but I’m not really too worried about it.  I have the big big one with the two figures.

Close up of Hulk
Close up of Hulk

It’s funny they always stick the Hulk in a car or something because when was the last time that the Hulk had to go somewhere and thought – “Where did I leave my car?”  Exactly!  Never!  Hulk has huge sausage fingers too!  Can you imagine him having to handle keys?  It’s like trying to type on a cell phone with gloves on.

Back of Package
Back of Package

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9 thoughts on “Mega-Blocks Vehicle (2008)

  1. well you can dial a cell phone with gloves on easily….. 😛 but it’s true! LATEX GLOVES

  2. Steve’s site is cool … I will have one some day as well … it will happen!!

    I’ve got a URL and a logo! …. just no time to build it 😦

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