Hulk vs. Wolverine (2009) – The Review

Hulk Vs. - 2-Disc Special Edition

Hulk Vs. - 2-Disc Special Edition

Alright, so this was my favorite of the two.  They seemed to have rewritten a bit of Hulk history though.  It starts with Wolverine being asked to investigate the destruction to a local Canadian town.  As Wolvie does he comes across a crying Bruce Banner.  Wolverine recognizes his scent as the monster he’s been searching – this of course is the part that they re-wrote for the cartoon – Wolverine’s first appearance with the Hulk was obviously with his fight against the Wendigo – pre-Wendigo hybrids… – Anyways… just as Wolvie is going to tear into Bruce he Hulks out and start to use Wolvie as a punching bag.  This is my favorite fight – when Hulk causes a chunk of the mountain to crumble?  Awesome!  And they continue to fight under the water – and then back on land where Wolverine begins to use his claws on Hulk – and they work surprisingly well… I know weird, right?

The fight rages on until they are hit with tranquilizers.  Those also work surprisingly well on characters with great healing factors – but I digress.  We see Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red and Deadpool – best character ever! – which can only mean one thing.  Weapon X program!  That’s right!  Weapon X was hoping to figure use Hulk’s power for their own uses!  Wolverine slices through the Weapon X base – and a few arms, including Deadpool’s and Deathstrike’s – while every one’s gunning to kill Wolverine he frees Bruce and unleashes the Hulk on everyone.  Best Scene Ever!  No one is even a match for the jade brute!  Dead Pool shoves a grenade in Hulk’s mouth – and it just agitates him even more! 

I haven’t had a chance to watch the Special Features – or even to check out the digital comic that the DVD came with – that was the Target Exclusive – Best Buy had a pack of trading cards – but when I do I will let you know what I thought.  Anyways, the movie ends with the Hulk destroying the Weapon X base and Wolverine and Hulk ready to battle once again.  Stay tuned till after the credits too! 

I really liked this one – it was a bit more graphic than the Thor one.  It also had language that was right on the cusp of being inappropriate for kids under 9 I’d say – but it’s also that much more enjoyable for the adults watching.  I wish there were cartoons like this when I was in High-School!  Worth the buy – don’t just rent it – buy it!

4 responses to “Hulk vs. Wolverine (2009) – The Review

  1. Do have any of the Avenger Movies?

  2. I have to say guys I found the Hulk vs Thor to be the better story. In Hulk vs Wolverine it felt more like the hulk was a guest star in his own movie.

  3. I have both Avengers movies, they are excellent!

    The Iron Man movie isn’t too bad.

    Not sure about buying Dr Strange movie though, I am sure that I will in time.

  4. I watched – but passed on buying the Iron Man animated movie. Just didn’t do anything for me…

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