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X-Men vs. Hulk 1-Shot (2009) – The Review

X-Men vs. Hulk 1-Shot

X-Men vs. Hulk 1-Shot


Now keep in mind – I’m a huge fan of great storytelling – I really like Claremont – and I’m not opposed to seeing the Hulk actually get beaten in a fight – in fact, if written well – I would love to see it!  But this is not the case with the comic book right here.  Let’s begin, shall we?

Alright, first off we have Storm and Night Crawler asking Logan if it’s a good idea to test the newbies against the Hulk.  The answer, of course, is no – but we join Colossus enjoying a nature walk and… drawing bears.  Drawing bears?  Yeah – drawing bears.  Soon, Kitty Pride and Lockheed join him.  Out of nowhere the Hulk jumps down, ready to fight.  Colossus and the Hulk trade a few blows – Col. mentions how shocked he is that the Hulk isn’t even phased by his hits.  Hulk tosses Col. and Kitty comes to his rescue.  Hulk says he won’t fight a girl – but then Lockheed comes and breathes fire all over the Hulk – and the last time I checked – fire really doesn’t affect the Hulk – let’s remember, even on Sakaar – a weakened Hulk, mind you, jumped into Liquid Magma – but Lockheed’s fire makes the Hulk scream like a little b!tch.

Hulk swats away the little dragon and jumps off.  Kitty cries about Lockheed and Col. goes to find the Hulk.  When he does find him the Hulk is sitting by the edge of a river.  Col. stupidly thinks he can beat the Hulk at this moment.  They fight again and Col. tosses the Hulk by his feet into the side of a mountain.  Col. thinks he knocked the Hulk out – but at the last moment the Hulk jumps up and knocks the Col. into… ready?  Quicksand.  Quicksand?  Yes, Quicksand.  Apparently we’ve been transported into a bad Threes Company episode.  Hulk waits till Col. goes totally under and then pulls him out.  They make up – and Banner goes on his way.  After rejoining Storm, Logan and Nightcrawler, Logan lets them know it was a test – and Col. knocks Wolverine to the ground with one punch.

So, what did I think?  I think the art was terrible.  I can’t pick out a page that I even remotely liked.  The story was pretty silly and kind of a waste.  Grade: D+ And before you ask – the D+ is because they also reprint X-Men #66 in the back – which is awesome!  I hadn’t read it before – great story.